Marcelo Glasberg

Senior Software Engineer
Mobile — Full stack


Please see my LinkedIn.

I've created and launched the mobile apps for American startups such as Parkside, Kalshi and Pid, for both iOS and Android. I have also lots of experience with web and backend, and working at Fintechs.


I graduated from ITA, the very top engineering university in Brazil, founded by MIT professors.


My Code

Open Source Projects

Despite a significant portion of my coding projects being proprietary, there's an extensive body of my work that is open source. This collection, spanning a broad spectrum of topics, testifies to my versatile software development expertise. It includes widget creation, UI/UX design, immutable data structures, state management, and theming (colors and fonts), memory management, image processing, mathematics, testing frameworks, translation and internationalization, animation, networking, cryptography, payments, and plugin development.